We offer support and therapy to our patients’ families and carers.

It is important that you take care of your own health, even if you are busy looking after someone else's health. Being healthy is not only important for you, but it helps the person you care for too.

Families and Carers

Emotional & Practical Support

At South Bucks Hospice we extend all supportive therapies available to our patients to their families and carers as well. See our ‘Patients’ pages for more information.

Bereavement Support Group

Grieving is an ongoing journey of slowly beginning to adapt to life being different, without the person who has died. This can be one of the most profound changes in a person’s life. It takes a great deal of energy to cope and most people find it exhausting and challenging.

South Bucks Hospice’s nurse led Bereavement Support Group helps bereaved family members or carers to come to terms with their loss in the safe company of others in a similar situation. The group offers confidentiality, time and a safe space for you to ‘be’ as you need to be, however you feel.

Therapeutic Bereavement Support

Our psychotherapists and counsellors will support you through your bereavement.

We offer:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
For more information about bereavement support please:
Call our counsellors on 01494 552750 or email them at counselling@sbhospice.org.uk

Practical Support for Carers

When caring for someone, many practical issues can be put to one side. We will always try to help you as far as possible, but if we are unable to we will help you get in touch with those who can.

For more information about practical support please:
Call our nurses on 01494 552755 or email them at nurses@sbhospice.org.uk