• Charlotte Davis
  • |
  • 20 July 2017

Welcome to our 5 new complementary therapy volunteers!

We are so grateful to the kind volunteers who have come forward to help drive our new complementary therapy services at Butterfly House.

The volunteers who have started since we moved are:

  • Lisa Curtis – reflexology, massage, reiki
  • Toni Vyse – massage, reiki
  • Anastasia Babbs – massage
  • Val Edwards – reflexology, massage
  • Helen Webb – reiki, reflexology

Managed by complementary therapist Helen Isaacs, we ensure that all practice is done to the highest standard. 

“Complementary therapies are an important part of the care provided at Butterfly House to give support and comfort to our day patients, outpatients and carers.  A little pampering and relaxation can make a big difference to their well-being,” explained Helen. 

CEO Jo Woolf said: "The development of complementary therapies has accelerated over the past decade, and at Butterfly House we strive to offer all those in distress the experience of therapeutic touch in a nurturing and comforting environment."